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My paintings explore the ambiguous line between

the abstract and the literal, striving to capture

the evocative feeling of a place or experience

long before the images form to describe it.

The work is a process of building up and tearing down, adding and then excavating, scraping and melting (encaustics), and pushing the image to the edge of loss, and then bringing it back again. The images are often filled with a moody, earthy, textural energy
that has become my work’s signature.

Cloud and Sea. 12x12. $400.00
Path To The Sea. 24x36. $950.00
Marsh at Night
Winter Harbor.Oil. 11x14. $400.00
Letting Go. 10x10. $150.00
Yes I Will.12x12. $400.00

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About Jeannine Barton Regan


For over two decades Jeannine Barton Regan has exhibited her work in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as in the west. She has shown in many juried exhibitions and solo and group exhibitions.

She lives and works in Charlottesville, VA. where she is a resident member of  McGuffey Art Center, one of the oldest and most respected community art centers in the country.


She has been the recipient of numerous awards including Best in Show, Virginia Watercolor Society, and was awarded the Alexander Nepote Award for Experimental Painting at the National Watercolor Society’s exhibition in Los Angeles. Her painting was on tour with the National Watercolor Society’s Touring Exhibition for one year, visiting cities across the country including New York, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco.

For the past decade the focus of her work has been encaustic, the ancient art of painting with hot, pigmented beeswax, first introduced by the Greeks in 300 BCE.

Her work can be seen at The Mill Gallery, Millwood, VA, Annie Gould Gallery, Gordonsville, VA, Glave-Kocen Gallery, Richmond VA, and in her working studio at McGuffey. Her paintings are in a number of public collections including New York Life Insurance Company, Region Ten Community Services Board, Martha Jefferson Hospital, and City Hall, Charlottesville, VA, Spotts- Fain Law Firm, and in private collections across the country, among them, many commissioned works.

Photo of Jeannine Regan by Andrew Shurtleff, for the Daily Progress



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